Our Fashion- That's your style
Our Fashion- That's your style

About Us

Periwinkle Marketplace, located in the heart of Ottertail city, is a premier shopping destination for those seeking a wide range of quality products. Specializing in women's clothing, fashion jewelry, children's apparel, and unique home decor, Periwinkle Marketplace is the go-to spot for all your lake lifestyle needs. Whether you're looking for stylish outfits, exquisite jewelry, adorable kids' wear, or charming decorations to enhance your home or lakeside cabin, Periwinkle Marketplace has something for everyone.

Under the expert guidance of Stephanie Ellingson and her dedicated team, shopping at Periwinkle Marketplace is more than just a transaction; it's a delightful experience. The staff's commitment to providing exceptional customer service ensures that every visit is memorable, making Periwinkle Marketplace a must-visit shopping haven in Ottertail city. Discover the best in women's fashion, jewelry, kids' clothing, and home decor at Periwinkle Marketplace, where shopping meets the charm of lake living.

“It feels like only yesterday that we started Periwinkle in Fergus Falls!!  Thanks for supporting our stores throughout the years! We would not be here without you!! You are the reason we continue to grow!!”

**Please see our return policy page for questions about returns.